What does IR theory say about nuclear proliferation policies regarding North Korea?

Image Source (Stephen) Written by James Lo This is the second part of a three part series on using nuclear proliferation theories to analyse current nuclear proliferation foreign policies. In part one, I provided a succinct summary of various theories. In this post, I will argue that Etel Solingen’s nuclear proliferation theory, outlined in NuclearContinue reading “What does IR theory say about nuclear proliferation policies regarding North Korea?”

Nuclear Proliferation and IR theory

Image source (Dennis Jarvis) Written by James Lo This essay is part of a three-part series in analysing how IR theories inform how one should act in terms of nuclear proliferation. Part one introduces the theories that are currently prevalent in the realm of nuclear proliferation, and parts two and three will apply such theoriesContinue reading “Nuclear Proliferation and IR theory”

Taiwan, Soft Balancing and Hong Kong Protests

Image Source (Edmund Yeo) Written by James Lo Building on last week’s post on the stances that Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar took on Hong Kong protests, this essay will look at Taiwan’s stance towards the Hong Kong Protests. Taiwan is the only Asian country to have outwardly spoken in support of Hong Kong protestors andContinue reading “Taiwan, Soft Balancing and Hong Kong Protests”