This page aims to promote discussions on how theories of International Relations can be used to explain current affairs around the world. This blog is set up so people can freely articulate their views on current affairs and theories. We are open to constructive criticism so feel free to scroll, comment and send us your views!

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Blog posts

Blog posts are where I explain current events through different IR theories. Click to find out more!


These are articles where I expand on questions I find interesting in class and attempt to answer in some length. Click below to find out more!


These are brief summaries of papers that I find interesting and I attempt to apply them to current affairs. Click below to find out more!

In Practice, Theory is unavoidable

Joseph Nye

How can you contribute?

Blog post

A blog post is where you contribute your own ideas. All you have to do is pick a current affair, summarise it and place it within International Relations Theories. You should always include evidence to back it up, and if possible critique your own argument.

The piece should be around 700-1000 words. If you have any ideas or want more information contact us at 12locfj@gmail.com

Response / critique

A response / critique is a piece where you analyse one of the blog posts on the website. As students of IR, we all know that not one theory can fully explain the case studies. If you think that another theory is more persuasive, outline your case in no longer than 500 words and make your argument.


A comment is what you can post if you want the author to elaborate on some detail of their piece. You can do that at the bottom of the post.

About me

I am a MSc International Relations (Research) at LSE. My current research interest is currently on China and how it acts on the international stage. I’ve created this blog / forum because I want to expand the current repertoire on International Relations theory. A lot of the current academic literature is on examples of the past. By challenging you to attempt to link International Relations theories to current affairs, it will increase your depth of knowledge regarding the theories and make you pay more attention to the world around you. For students, this will hopefully help you by providing more examples that you can use in your analysis.

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